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Cryptocurrency exchange data

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Under a Single API

Investabit is a platform which provides fast, reliable and unified data APIs to cryptocurrency markets

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      "added": 1483228800,
      "color": {
        "b": 73,
        "g": 163,
        "r": 230
      "market_cap": 203291395158,
      "market_data_time": 1561707540,
      "name": "Bitcoin",
      "price_btc": 1.0,
      "price_usd": 11430.4253557,
      "slug": "btc",
      "symbol_name": "bitcoin",
      "volume_usd": 39883459887
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We are the only provider for all of your cryptocurrency market data needs

All Investabit data has been standardized. Ticker symbol details and asset codes are triple-checked by our staff, and algorithmic functions to ensure the very highest quality and consistency

Data checking

Want to get started? Look through the SDKs such as Javascript, Python, PHP and Go.


Data Delivery

Our data is delivered to you on-demand using well-documented and simple GRPC, Websockets, FIX and HTTP RESTful API in JSON, XML or CSV formats

Data delivery
Real time data delivery

If you require real-time market streaming data, we have access through our GRPC or WebSocket solution for your second by second needs

Data Types

Our Data

  • Market Symbols icon

    Market Symbols

    Labeled in a unified way to make integration seamless

  • Assets icon


    2200+ assets tracked from our exchanges to provide a complete market picture

  • Exchanges icon


    46+ exchanges even those who have shutdown

  • Quotes icon


    The crypto pairs price second by second

  • Order Books icon

    Order Books

    Full order book data available

  • Exchange Rates icon

    Exchange Rates

    The assets current price on listed exchanges

  • OHLCV Bar Data icon

    OHLCV Bar Data

    We provide all the data for Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume

Historical Data

Looking for historical data? We have a solution for you, we provide access to our historical market data through Investabit Data Sales.

Our current database holds more than 40 TB of raw and preprocessed market data available through the self service portal.

Take it for a Test Drive

Get a free API key and get started with one of our SDKs.

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Different tiers for different needs




per Month

For testing or hobby projects of individuals

  • Attribution Required
  • Not for Business Use
  • 100 Daily Requests


per Month

For small projects or integrations and startups

  • Email Support
  • 1k Daily Requests
  • Websockets | GRPC (Trades)


per Month

For integrations with real-time data stream

  • Email Support
  • 10k Daily Requests
  • Websockets | GRPC (Trades + Quotes)


per Month

For medium+ size integrations and larger teams

  • Email Support
  • 100k Daily Requests
  • Websockets | GRPC (Unlimited)
  • FIX Protocol


For mission-critical operations or whitelabel solutions

  • Service Level Agreement
  • Integration Assistance
  • Premium Support
  • No Rate Limits
  • Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Custom Features
  • History Data in Flat Files

Frequently Asked Questions


What is counted as a request on the REST API?

Any request made to the server via the API will count towards a request.


How long does it take to integrate Investabit?

With our SDKs it can take just a few minutes to integrate with your systems or service. Depending on the needs, we offer custom solutions.


What exchanges and assets are integrated?

You can see a list of the assets and exchanges either by querying the API or visiting this page.


What are the restrictions on usage of real-time protocols?

Depending on the product you select, there are restrictions for what type of data you have access to in real time. For example with Startup you will receive only the Trade data, whereas with the Professional offering you have Trades, Quotes and Orderbooks.